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America’s Solution for Preventing Terrorism

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Pebble Politics

Two good articles on the Alaska Pebble Mine project and Bristol Bay:

  1. Is Alaska’s Pebble Mine the Next Keystone XL?
  2. Alaska’s Bristol Bay wild salmon fishery valued at $1.5 billion

The second article states the salmon fishery in Bristol Bay generates $1.5B, but the state only sees about $400M of that. $1.5B is roughly half of what the entire mining industry makes in a given year (~$3.5B), but an Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Survey report on the 2012 mining industry indicates the state only sees about 3% of that money:

Estimated revenues in 2012 to the State of Alaska and municipalities from mineral-industry-specific fees, rent, sales, royalties, and taxes amounted to more than $124.8 million.

According to the first article, “An estimated 2.5 billion or more tons of toxic mineral waste would be dredged up at the Pebble Mine site.” As a geologist, I’ve been on the fence about this issue for a while, carefully weighing all of the arguments and trying to better understand the politics and economics of it all. Currently, I think the salmon fishery at Bristol Bay is a better long-term investment for the state and much more respectful of the environment.

I instantly knew the movie and exact scene upon hearing the Thompson Twins’ 1982 hit “In the Name of Love” in Fred Meyer this morning. I’m a dork.